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a journey to NANTES

A Jjourney to Nantes invites you to discover a sensitive and poetic city in thirty stages

A work of art on a street corner, a beautiful building, unexpected treasures and unmissable attractions make Nantes city not to be missed.

Do you know of another destination that combines a twelve metre high Great Elephant and a a 15th century castle whose history museum brings together past, present and future in a contemporary layout, or an artistic walk signed by the greatest artists of the modern age?

A city of daring, creativity and innovation

Nantes renews itself with each passing year. 2012 saw the beginning of work on the Memorial to the Abolition of Slavery (a work unique in Europe), La Fabrique, the current music scene, or the Carousel of Marine World Machines of the Island. The 32nd floor of a skyscraper, "The Nest" now offers a view of the city and the Loire estuary rich with all its remarkable natural heritage.

In 2013, Nantes was elected Green Capital of Europe..

The new film "Estuary" by Gaëtan Chataigner:

Estuaire from levoyageanantes on Vimeo.



Discoveries in Loire-Atlantique

Between the sea, vineyards and small corners of nature, let yourself be seduced by the huge diversity of landscapes. The towns have also their charm - the great Elephant of Nantes, the ocean liners of Saint-Nazaire as well as Guerande, Chateaubriand and Clisson

Surprises everywhere you look in Loire-Atlantique!

The Atlantic coast, a revitalising atmosphere!

North of the Loire, enjoy the charm of the Cote Sauvage and its fishing ports, not to mention the famous Bay of La Baule!

After the estuary, you'll find a succession of family resorts, coves and fishing villages...

The regions waterways - an abundant natural resource

Be dazzled by a mosaic of landscapes: the salt marshes of Guerande, Briere, Lake Grand-Lieu, the Loire, the canal from Nantes to Brest ... with bike trails and hiking trails waiting to reveal all their surprises!

Moments to share with the family

Animals from all corners of the earth, castles, monuments and museums... OH LA LA!® What an adventure! Families are the guests of honour!



OH LA L.A. !®, 6 allée Brancas à Nantes
+33 (0)8 10 04 40 01 [see file]
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world-heritage-logo-visitnantesvineyard.comThe cultural landscape of the Val de Loire - World Heritage site

From Sully-sur-Loire to Chalonnes-sur-Loire, the Loire Valley is on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a living cultural landscape. This is the recognition of the outstanding universal value of our cultural landscape, its authenticity and integrity - its loss would be considered irreplaceable for the collective memory of humanity.

A free river in an urban space

The criteria for registration mention that the Loire Valley is an "outstanding cultural landscape along a river that reflects the interactions between people and their environment throughout over two thousand years of history. It is remarkable for the quality of its architectural heritage, historic towns and castles of world renown. This landscape also shows the influence of the ideals of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment on thinking and creativity in Western Europe."

The river, stone, gardens, vineyards

Another approach, less academic, more anthropological, underlines the construction of this space as being essentially a human activity. Consistently in their application and unique in their variety, this landscape is the result of four "cultures" - those river, stone, gardens and vines.


Cultural landscape of the Loire Valley: water, stone.. by Mission-Val-de-Loire


The puy du FOU® A voyage back in time


Close to the Vignoble de Nantes, and recently recognised by the THEA AWARDS for its achievements, the Puy Du Fou® takes you on a journey through time.

Le Grand Parc - back through the mists of time!

In a huge green setting of 40 hectares, an extraordinary family adventure with stunning live performances.

Several hotels with historical themes are available: Gallo-Roman, Gaulois times and the 18th century welcome you a longer visits to this unique place of adventure.

"Cinescenie" - the world's largest night show

On summer weekend evenings Cinéscénie extends the magic and your day with a spectacular night-time show. Live the adventure with the heroes of this historical epic about the heyday of the Puy du Fou.


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