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[ES] Gourmet food

"In the Vineyard of Nantes gastronomy and culinary arts are the art of living. The fruits of the soil and the river, the fruit of expertise, craft, gastronomy — as much quality in the work as in the final product. To be shared without moderation! Eels, lamprey, beurre blanc, Muscadet, gros-plant, merlot, Saint-Lumine refined with Muscadet or not, lamb's lettuce, fouace, blackberries, products with a taste of expertise and culinary professionalissm. The area of the vineyard of Nantes is particularly attached to the pleasures of the table and the palate. Many competition awards, both regional and national, stimulate the quality of the transformations of local produce. From this emulation are born the gustatory pleasures found in home-made produce, butchers, cheese makers, vegetable growers, wineries, farmers and growers, on the tables of restaurants, for the pleasure of all gourmets. "

A culinary journey

The area of the vineyard of Nantes offers many gourmet adventures between the Loire river and its vineyards. On its banks, the tastiest spring vegetables and fresh fruits jostle to join you at the table: leeks, lamb's lettuce, lettuce, radishes, carrots, turnips, strawberries, apples and kiwis...


Did you know?

The famous Beurre Blanc (white butter sauce )  was invented in the nineteenth century by a famous cook, Clémence Lefeuvre, at Saint Julien deConcelles. It goes perfectly with fish from the Loire.

Farmhouse cheeses, jams, traditional biscuits like the "Petit Mouzillon" and fouace all here just to delight your taste buds. Enjoy!


The best tables referenced in the most prestigious guides invite you to a fabulous meal. The Tourist Office will be delighted to help you find the restaurant you're looking for"

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