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[ES] The zoo

La Boissière du Doré ZOOLOGICAL PARK

Ranked among the most beautiful zoos, and with an extraordinary tranquility about it, the zoo of La Boissiere du Dore houses a remarkable collection of species collected by a team of passionate animal enthusiasts. Right in the heart of the Vineyard of Nantes, more than 600 animals from 5 continents can be seen, some very seriously endangered such as the great apes and the clouded Panthers..

The african plains

See white rhinos, giraffes, ostriches, antelopes, wildebeest, zebras and cheetahs from large wooden bridges across the Amazon Rainforest and the vivarium.

Shake hands

With our four gorilla brothers and walk freely into the domain of the lemurs;

Unforgettable moments

Of wonder and intimacy with the many young animals born each year. Take part in feeding time during the summer season.

New in 2013: a bird nursery opens

Free-flying birds - owls, hawks, vultures, martin hunter, parrots, parakeets, hornbills among a huge collection soon including the arrival of vultures!




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