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[ES] Museum of the Vineyard of Nantes

If you think museums are boring, sad and dusty old places, be prepared for a surprise. The Museum of the Vignoble de Nantes is bright, clever, colorful, open and overlooking the vineyards. Over 700 exhibits trace the history of the Nantes vineyard. There are games for kids, videos and guided tours!

 700 exhibits: From simple grafting machines to the Coyac alembic-still, picking baskets ( portoires), ebulliometers, pumps, corking machines, glasses and other objects related to wine growing and tasting.

The collection covers the full process from vine to wine. Our most treasured exhibits include the first straddle tractor, an équarteur's cabin, a Dujardin-Salleron ebulliometer, a majestic long barrel and a complete collection of wine presses.

The area of Nantes vineyard

Enter the landscapes and feel the soil of the country. Observe, handle, touch and discover the local gabbro, granite and shale. Discover the effect of the land on the quality of the wine with a commentated tasting session after the tour.


A living museum of vine species

Ancient vine types such as Noah, Berligouand Othello are planted around the museum alongside the modern strains grown and harvested by local winemakers, partners of the museum.

A shop full of local produce, picnic tables, a delightful footpath walk and special events all year round.


Guided tour in english, every Tuesday, July and August, at 11:00 AM
Tarif / Entrance fee : 4.50 €. Duration : 1h15

  • English
  • Español