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[ES] The Clisson festival of Montmartre

  • Alain Thomas 2015 montmartre festival honor guest
  • Alain Thomas 2015 montmartre festival honor guest
  • Alain Thomas 2015 montmartre festival honor guest
  • Alain Thomas 2015 montmartre festival honor guest
  • Alain Thomas 2015 montmartre festival honor guest

6th & 7th JUNE 2015 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE  Montmartre à Clisson ART FESTIVAL 

This festival of art, organised by the Tourist Office, has become the most important event in the region's artistic year.

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Artists enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city with all its Italianate charm to create their works in a festive and friendly atmosphere. It is also one of the favorite events of the inhabitants of the Valley of Clisson and the Nantes area who enjoy walking the streets and the "Place du Tertre" of the Vignoble.

Between a walk through the easels, exhibitions and events in the streets, all the ingredients are there for the public to enjoy the charm of the beautiful medieval and Italianate town of Clisson.






2015 photo album

The festival begins each year with a special guests'  this year exhibition was  ALAIN THOMAS



The exhibition "Guest of Honor" will begin Friday, June 5 to continue until Sunday, June 14, 2015.

This year Alain Thomas; rich 50 years of artistic practice, illustration of over 20 books, Alain Thomas is recognized as the leader of the so-called painting "naive-primitive". His works are a window to a wildlife park where live in freedom species worldwide: Patagonian hares, rheas, emus, deer, kangaroos, Vietnamese pigs, crowned cranes, ibis, peacocks ... This is the world of the painter Alain Thomas. He is passionate in particular for the toucan. The animal paintings of the artist depict bestiaries whose texts are written by professors and ornithologists from the National Museum of Natural History.

The paintings of Alain Thomas also decorate prestigious collections broadcast around the world through collections manufactures unique expertise such as Daum glassworks, the Longwy enamels, porcelain Haviland Limoges, Aubusson tapestries Robert Four, silks of Lyon ...

Alain THOMAS propose signings on Saturday 6 and Sunday, 7 June 2015 15h to 18h.

The exhibition will be open from 5 to 14 June , from 10h to 19h and on weekends from 14:30 to 18:30 on weekdays.

Saint Jacques venue, Dr. Duboueix street, CLISSON ..



Painting, modelling, sketchbook and photo contest

Contest open to all (children and adults, amateurs and professionals).The artists will have the day to create a work on a site in town. The public will get to meet the artists in the streets to admire their work.

Music events on Saturday night


In the late afternoon, a tasting of award-winning wines will be offered under the covered marketplace, with the Association of Clisson Valley Winegrowers. Food will also be available. (Spanish tapas )


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SWING & MUSCADET evening show


From 16:30 pm onwards under the wooden covered market , the choir Muscadines will perform followed by the jazz concert by Trouble 6





Exhibition and sales in the street all day - open to all

Artists in the street everywhere you look - a street exhibition of paintings and sculptures. Most works are on sale come and experience an open-air gallery!

Events, music, shows and street happenings all day!

Information: Email

Tel: +33 (0)2 40 54 02 95

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